Interviews & Guest Posts

It’s been bugging me that I don’t have an easier way for my readers to view cool stuff that authors post here. After some thinking, I decided to have a page dedicated to everything has been posted that have interviews, guest posts, this or thats, and top 10s.

The page is divided into sections. All are ordered in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. The guest post section also lists the topic of the post.

I hope you enjoy this new page. Let me know what you think.


• Adams, Emma L. Darkness Watching
• Aisling, SJ Becoming the Chateran
• Alexander, Kindle Always
• Ash, Frankie Eramane
• Avalon, Sierra Always Rayne
• Brass, Charles Earth Cell
• Burrows, Jennifer Into the Light
• Callahan, Skye Bound and Unbroken
• Carter, Miranda Rae Beneath the Surface
• Collins, Melissa Let Love Live
• DeRouen‏, J.A. Hope Over Fear
• Frank, Ella Take
• Hebert, Cambria Tattoo
• Holt, Samantha Not Another Soldier
• Millstead, Kasey Cowboy Town
• Nissenson, Janet Splendor
• Novelle, Renee The Perfect Boyfriend
• Pauling, Laura Heist
• Rae, Susan TRUE Blue
• Reese, Jaime A Hunted Man
• Schurig, Rachel Escape In You
• Thompson, Christina Chemical Reaction
• Webb, Silla Covered in Coal





Last updated 09/12/14

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