Hi everyone! Somehow you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. Welcome and enjoy yourself! I’m Megan Moffat and this is my book blog, Books A to Z.

What does Books A to Z mean?
I read a lot of genres. Childrens, Humor, LGBT, Sci-Fi, Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Memoirs, History, Plays, Media Tie-In, Erotica… The list goes on and on. There’s not too much that I won’t read. I also enjoy reading books in different formats like physical copies, ebooks and audio books. I thought A to Z was rather appropriate since I will read almost every genre in any format.

What genres won’t you read?
Hmm, only a few that I can think of now. But even these genres have their exceptions.
Christian/Amish Fiction, African-American Fiction, Self-Help, Cooking, Business

What are your favorite genres?
That’s too hard! My ‘favorite’ genre changes all the time, honestly. I don’t really have one. However, I tend to lean toward dark romance and LGBT books.

Who are your favorite authors?
For ‘traditionally published’ authors: Christopher Moore, L. Frank Baum, and Poppy Z Brite. For indie authors I want to say: Jess Faraday, Skye Callahan and Pepper Winters. I’ve been told that’s a rather odd bunch of favorite authors.

If I send you my information will you review my book?
At the present time, no. Sorry, but I am rather swamped at the moment. In the future when my TBR list becomes a little less light I will let everyone know.

How often do you post reviews on your blog?
I am attempting for one review per week at the present time.

Do you post reviews anywhere else besides here?
Yes! I post them on Goodreads and Amazon. Plus the review will be x-posted and seen my by followers on multiple platforms (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Bloglovin’).

Do you participate in any weekly memes?
Currently I only participate in Wishlist Wednesday. If you have one you’d like to rec to me leave a comment below.

Do you own an ereader device? If so which one?
Yes! I own a first gen Kindle Paperwhite.

So you’re an author now?
I kind of always have been (omg I feel like a weird trope). I’ve loved writing since I was around 8 years old. I’ve never stopped. Even when I’m not blogging about books or reading I’m writing. After leaving a rather horrible retail job, hubby and I had a talk and mutually decided that I should seriously pursue my dream to become a published writer.

What genres do you write?
Basically whatever pops into my head and what my muse goes with. Like reading, I am fine with almost any genre. I think it is kind of silly to pin yourself down in one genre. The more the merrier! You’ll probably see a lot of stuff from me like LGBT, Westerns, Sci-fi, Fairytale retellings, Fantasty, Historical fiction, Erotica and more.

Are you published?
No, not yet. I’m just starting out but I am aiming for my first novel to release later in 2016. You’ll be here with me on my journey. Isn’t that exciting? You can like my author facebook page (here) or visit my author site (here) to keep updated.

Who created your headers and logos?
JM Walker of Just Write. Creations. I can’t recommend her enough.

Are you an Amazon affiliated blog?
Yes I am! Most links on to Amazon US on my blog now have my ID attached to it. If you buy the product when you’ve click my link I’ll get a percentage of the sale. Additionally, if you are shopping Amazon US in general you can add /?tag=boatoz0a-20 to the end of the product link before you hit 1click/add to cart for me to get the commission. I would really appreciate it.

Uhh… so you’re on Fiverr?
Yep. I’ll do gigs for a min. of $5. Check me out here.

Is there a question I haven’t answered? Comment below and I’ll get back to you or put it up here!

Last updated on February 22, 2016

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