REVIEW: Alrek by Samantha Holt

Title: Alrek
Author: Samantha Holt
Year of Publication: 2014
Genre: Romance, Historical fiction
Format: Ebook
Length: 87 pages
First Line: “Skirts bunched in one hand, Ilsa’s feet sank in the sand as she made her way onto the beach.”

Summary: For years the Vikings had raided their lands and killed her people. Now the enemy lay in her bed…

Rescuing a Viking pirate from the ocean after his ship wrecked on the shores of Pictland was bound to bring Ilisa trouble. After all, she knew well of the savagery of the Vikings–she had experienced it first-hand. But her heart would not allow her to abandon someone in need. Unfortunately, nursing him back to health rouses a part of her she didn’t know existed and soon she’s the one in need.

Alrek’s well aware of his own need when he awakens in this beautiful Pict’s home. With his plans to venture to new lands on hold, he resolves to thank Ilisa for her help in any way he can–but not in the way he longs to the most. He must prove not all Vikings are the same. But his own savage past threatens to destroy any progress he makes and her people soon make it clear he will never be accepted.

Can they bridge the gap between two cultures or will their differences–and the dangers they bring–forever keep them apart?

Review: I love Samantha Holt and when I heard she was doing a viking story I was super excited. I mean, vikings. C’mon.

I actually had the chance to read this on the beach in Cape May. I must say that this is an excellent beach read. It’s set on the coastline of Scotland (or Pictland) and the beach and the ocean scenery was described quite beautifully. If you are going on a trip to the beach I totally recommend bringing Alrek along.

This was a quick read at only 87 pages. Ilisa lived by herself in a cottage in Pictland. One of the men of the nearby village, Galan, wanted to marry her for her land, but Ilisa was having none of that. One day she found a viking washed up on shore and nursed him back to health. Classic story of how they both discovered that the stereotypes they held for each other’s people might have been wrong. Alrek and Ilisa get together in the end, but not without some trials and judgment from their peers.

I did enjoy Alrek (Vikings, hello). I love Holt’s writing style. She put beautiful details in her work that made you feel like you were really there. Her characters were strong and amazing. But I found the story to be predictable. Something that had been done before a million times before. If you are hankering for a quick read that features a some hot viking love… Alrek is definitely your book.

Worst part: Predictable storyline

Best part: Vikings! 🙂

Grade: C

Recommend For: Fans of vikings! Beach read!

Other Books by This Author: Borderland Bride and To Steal A Highlander’s Heart


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