REVIEW: Grade 1 History by Baby Professor


Title: Grade 1 History
Author: Baby Professor
Year of Publication: 2015
Genre: Childrens
Format: Ebook
Length: 32 pages
First Line:

Summary: This is American and World History 101 made easier to remember. Each major historical event is presented in clear language that makes is easier to read and comprehend. Even big words like ratify are succinctly explained. If you’re looking for a material that would help improve your child’s grades in the subject, then you’ve stumbled on gold. Secure a copy while you still can!

Review: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

This is such a weird kids book. It’s filled with pages of random history trivia, and not all of it is even fact. Topics for 1st graders reading this book include: tariff tax, federalism, the Battle of Saratoga, nuclear bombs, influenza deaths, incest, Nazis, and MORE. Does that sound grade appropriate to you? No? Yeah, me either. Also, it’s a very plain book. No pictures, just text on colorful backgrounds. I do have to give kudos to Baby Professor for organizing this one. Usually there doesn’t seem to be any order to their books. I wouldn’t recommend this as history books for kids.

Worst part: Not age appropriate

Best part: Organization

Grade: F

Recommend For: Adults

Other Books by This Author: Let’s Explore the Farm and How and Why Do Birds Fly


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