REVIEW: Let’s Explore North America by Baby Professor


Title: Let’s Explore North America
Author: Baby Professor
Year of Publication: 2015
Genre: Childrens
Format: Ebook
Length: 32 pages
First Line: “North America is the third largest continent by area.”

Summary: These gentle giants are ready to play with you, kids! Learn about them and all the cute things they do in this highly educational book. Complete with pictures and stories to tell, this book is designed to appeal to kids and kids-at-heart. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn with the hippos! Grab a copy today!

Review: I wasn’t fond of this kids book by Baby Professor. It’s supposed to cover popular tourist destinations in North America. However it covers 7 destinations, 5 of which are in the USA, 1 in Canada and the other is shared between the US and Canada. Mexico was not mentioned at all. I mean why? A few of the destinations were a bit odd to me as well. Why did they put in Big Sur (it’s a long highway in California), Alcatraz (yeah, it’s an attraction, but in the top 7 in North America to highlight in a kids book popular?), and Banff National Park in Canada? It is just kind of weird.

Worst part: No Mexico representation.

Best part: Erm… pretty stock photos?

Grade: D

Recommend For: Parents and teachers

Other Books by This Author: 1St Grade Geography: Continents of the World and First Grade US History: The First President


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