REVIEW: Let’s Explore Italy by Baby Professor


Title: Let’s Explore Italy
Author: Baby Professor
Year of Publication: 2015
Genre: Childrens
Format: Ebook
Length: 32 pages
First Line: “Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.”

Summary: Italia – the land of pizza and pasta. But do you know that there’s more this delightful place than all the delicious food? This picture book features the must-see places in Italy. It defines great activities that you can do and what to expect the moment you arrive. Picture books are essential in encouraging participation, which is the foundation of active and effective learning. Grab a copy today!

Review: This kids book was only meh. There’s 32 pages but only 7 places in Italy covered (and technically one is actually another country)? C’mon. That’s ridiculous. This books went over: Vactican City (again its own country), Pompeii, Venice Canals, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, and the Colosseum. Here’s 7 more places in Italy that they left out: Mount Etna, Spanish Steps, Milan Cathedral, Bridges of Sighs, Boboli Gardens, Trevi Fountain, and Doge’s Palace. A reason that those and many other sites were combed over was because after each tourist destination, there was a double page spread of a photo of the place. Complete unnecessary. The photos were lovely, but I was irritated enough with the bad use of space in this book that I rated this as I did. It could have been a lot better.

Worst part: C’mon there could have been more.

Best part: Pretty picutres

Grade: C

Recommend For: Parents and teachers

Other Books by This Author: 1St Grade Geography: Continents of the World and First Grade US History: The First President


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