Release Blitz: Helpless by AJ Adams


Helpless by AJ Adams

Price $3.99

128,000 words

A self­standing complete novel

First in the Belial Disciples MC series

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Fracas Macintyre has been in and out of trouble all her life but this

time it’s worse than ever. In debt to a loan shark, she’s caught up in a war between the

Alistairs, nicknamed The Irish Mob, and Belial’s Disciples, England’s nastiest MC.

Kidnapped and at the mercy of Caden Winslow, Fracas is convinced that life is going to

get very nasty indeed.

Caden Winslow is an ex soldier used to taking care of business.

When an Alistair henchman steals his beloved Busa, he simply takes one of theirs

hostage and expects a simple trade will solve the problem. However, Caden is about to be

pulled into a war.

Note: Helpless is a dark romance and there’s lots of violence, but

it’s also a love story. It’s not a “lock her up and rape her till she loves him” plot so if

you’re not sure, give it a go.



I opened the boot, and at the sight of the girl, Crush began grinning. “Hey, is that for me,


“You can go fuck yourself!” The little tart blew up instantly. “You evil bastard, let me


“Whoo! I like her!”

Crush is a man who enjoys performing to the stereotypical outlaw biker image. This time

I could see he meant it, and so did the girl. She opened her mouth, spotted Crush’s cut

and went very quiet.

“You can’t have her. She’s my collateral.” I pulled her towards me, snapped through her

ankle ties with the box cutter and threw her over my shoulder. She muttered furiously,

but she’d stopped fighting. I could feel her raise her head and look over the crowd of

gathering Disciples. She shivered and went limp. I guess she didn’t like the look of the


Crush was still curious. “Collateral for what?”

“Alistair’s man took my Busa.”

“You’re shitting me!”




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AJ Adams is a Scottish­Dutch author currently living in Malaysia.

In her regular life she is a columnist and feature writer. She works from home, where she

is closely snoopervised by cats, Target and Guido.

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