PROMO: Path to a Healthy Mind & Body by Connie Rogers + Interview

Title: Path to a Healthy Mind & Body
Author: Connie Rogers
Pages: 216 pages
Publisher: Eat Heal Thrive
Release Date: November 21, 2015

Summary: As you begin down this path to a healthy mind & body, you’ll discover simple yet powerful steps with a plan to reduce the overload of stress, toxins and chemicals that are all interconnected with poor health. You will find ways to: Eliminate Depression, Increase Energy, Balance Hormones, Remove Toxic Exposures, Prevent Disease, Explore Beliefs and Lose Weight without Dieting. In simple terms: This book is a guide to living a long healthy life and that, simply put, is priceless!

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Meet the Author: Connie Rogers is a Certified Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Certified Cosmetologist, Researcher, Published Author, Reiki Master, Mother, Day Spa Owner for over 25 years, and Motivational Speaker for digestive, skin and hormonal health. An environmental toxin expert. Her first wake up call to health came in 1977 when an abundance of toxins almost killed her son. As a coach educator, she is passionate about expanding your awareness on what can be keeping you sick, fat, toxic, and depressed. Her philosophy is eat real, be real, stress less and make time for your personal health and wellness.


1. Who is your book for?
Anyone on the path to healthy non toxic-living for themselves and family and interested in learning more about simple solutions to stay naturally energized and healthy.

2. Does your book cover weight loss issues?
Yes, I go over that in- depth. Conventional diets don’t work. It’s never just about food that keeps the body holding onto weight. You have to get the whole picture. I teach what truly works- so you can get see and get results.

3. As a Health Coach -what is your philosophy?
My philosophy is eat real, be real, stress less and make time for your personal health and wellness. My holistic approach encompasses learning what pulls the strings on metabolic and endocrine-related powers.

4. What can confuse people about the foods we eat?
There are Myths & Misinformation standing in the way of our awareness of what health is. There are barriers we don’t necessarily see that can play a causative role in sickness, obesity and depression.

People get paid to misinform the public, such as “Find a way to eat healthy that includes junk food,” or Cheerios has all the protein you need in a cereal or bottled orange juice comes from mother nature. It’s hard to know what’s truth and what’s just marketing. Bottled juice is a blood sugar nightmare, and increases chances of inflammation and diabetes.

5. What is one simple ‘must have’ in a healthy lifestyle?
Self -care. Self -care means we find self -love important. When we include selflove and self- care in our day, we feel stronger and naturally make better decisions as to our reactions and to our relationships. All things are working first from the inside out- not from the outside in.

6. What makes your book unique?
I specialize in reducing symptoms of a toxic body causing common diseases. Drawing on my extensive knowledge and Certification of Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health, I am able to assist my clients to create a completely personalized roadmap to health, guiding them along the path of their own change.

7. What is the takeaway?
The real value is that you have your life, energy, mind and body back.


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