PROMO: Bed of Thornes by Angel L. Woodz + Interview

Title: Bed of Thornes
Author: Angel L. Woodz
Pages: 154 pages
Publisher: Angel L. Woodz
Release Date: October 31, 2015

Summary: Veronica Thorne is nearing her 30th birthday. An established painter who is quite comfortable financially, owning an art gallery in Dallas, TX. She has never questioned who she is and what she wants in life, until now. Veronica has an addiction, one that she is losing all control of.
Adrian, younger and open-minded, becomes a part of her mysterious world of secrets. Each of them swirling in unknown desire-filled paths, not knowing where their lives will lead from this. One afraid, the other wanting to embrace the beauty of what they consider darkness.

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Meet the Author: Angel L. Woodz – Romance Author of multiple sub-genres; Erotic, Contemporary, Drama, Paranormal, Mystery, Comedy.

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I got a chance to ‘sit down’ and chat with debut author Angel L. Woodz about her first novel ‘Bed of Thornes’.

1.Hello Angel. How are you today? Are you comfortable?
Hello! I am great! I’m as comfortable as can be at this time, thank you. 🙂

2. Why did you become an author?
I became an Author because of the passion I have for writing. I’ve had this passion since I was in Elementary. I always excelled in subjects that coincide with Reading and Writing. I would write poems and lyrics to songs constantly in my bedroom. I submitted one of my poems to a contest and it was published! I also wrote a short story when young that won an award in my school at the time. I began reading at a very young age and my love for it grew as I did. I became “addicted” to reading when I was a pre-teen and couldn’t get enough of it. I remember reading the entire sets of several series over just one summer one year and wanted more. My obsession with all things books never stopped, but it was somewhat put on hold once I became a mother. Needless to say, I had always wanted to create stories for others to enjoy, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally decided to go for my dream.

3. Tell us a bit about your writing process.
My writing process can be simple yet difficult at times, if that isn’t a contradiction for you. The process I use varies at times, depending on the story I’m writing and the mood I need to create. There’s times I listen to music of different genres or watch a certain movie with the emotion I’m trying to bring out in my writing. Other times I just need to be alone and for it to be quiet in my surroundings. I normally just write as I go rather than create any sort of lists or what have you like some writers do. I prefer to let the ideas flow naturally. However, that’s when it can sometimes become difficult. It’s just how I work though.

4. How long did it take to write Bed of Thornes?
It took 4 months to write. It would’ve probably taken less time, but being my first novel, I wasn’t prepared for what I’ve now learned. The next two will take much less time to release.

5. What inspired you to write ‘A Bed of Thornes’?
I was inspired to write Bed of Thornes shortly after deciding to officially begin writing… the story came to me almost instantly and the plots of the story just began to pour out… faster than I could write them. I knew right away that I wanted to specialize in the Romance genre, then it turned into multiple sub-genres that I am interested in, so I write more than just the genre of Bed of Thornes. The characters came to life as though they already existed prior to the start of me writing the book.

6. Describe the relationship between Veronica & Adrian.
The relationship between Veronica Thorne and Adrian Montez is quite complex. They seem perfect for one another as far as attraction and desires, but beyond that they are actually the opposite. Veronica is an independent and hard working woman that’s not looking for love. She dark secrets of sexual addiction and other hidden truths that she fears sharing with anyone, even Adrian. As a work-a-holic, she would rather be taking care of business and having her way with Adrian at every given time than anything else. Her control factor isn’t about controlling everything in life but definitely having control over her own life as well as sexually. Adrian is more laid-back and likes to enjoy life while still being a good worker and pursuing his passion as a singer. Younger than she, he is less experienced and new to the world of Veronica’s dirty mind. He doesn’t agree with strictly sexual the same as Veronica, he wants more out of it all.

7. Do you have a dreamcast?

8. What’s the message you wanted to get across?
The message I’m trying to get across with the story of Bed of Thornes is that we all fight battles, many of us have an addiction of some sort, and I want to let it be known that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and you are loved. I also wanted to show that not everything in life is roses, there are struggles and sometimes it’s us who is our own worst enemy… but there is hope for everyone’s story in life.

9. Can you give us a non-spoiler-y spoiler for the sequel?
That’s hilarious! All I can say is… you know the old saying, opposites attract. Well, it’s either true or it isn’t. Haha!! The sequel will be the answer to whether Veronica and Adrian will have a Happily Ever After or if they will end up proving that not all things are meant to be. Life doesn’t always have happy endings, but love may or may not prevail in this tale of lovers.

10. How can fans get in touch with you?
My links should be included, but overall fans can contact me by visiting my website: All of my social media links and a contact form are available on the site.

11. What can we expect from you in the future?
You can expect an abundance of books published for as long as I’m capable. This is something I hope I’d never have to give up. Writing is all I know outside of spending time with my family. Upcoming releases with be Romance with the sub-genres of; Erotic, Comedy, Mystery, Contemporary, Paranormal, Drama, etc. I hope to bring joy to even one person, that’s success if I can do at least that. I hope to provide reads for my fans for life. I love connecting with each of them!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, Angel and stopping by.

Angel would like to mention that reviews on Amazon and goodreads are very appreciated.

You all are welcome to join us in celebration of Author Angel L. Woodz’ upcoming release on Nov. 30! There will be tons of fun giveaways, prizes, Author Takeovers, stalker links, & more! Hope to see you there, Thanks for the support!!

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