Wishlist Wednesday #46

Wishlist Wednesday

Summary- In Ring of Steel, award-winning historian Alexander Watson draws on extensive archival research to explain the First World War from the perspectives of the nations that started, and lost, the war: Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Convinced by their governments that they were entering a necessary and defensive war, the people of the Central Powers fully committed to the cause. But as the Central Powers expanded their ambitions, military losses mounted, and hunger and hardship beset the homefront, doubts set in. Plunging morale sapped the Central Powers’ war effort, as political leaders lost the support of the populations they relied on to prosecute and support the protracted conflict. When the war ended, the shattered states that remained were marked by an unbridgeable division between the people and their leaders, a poisonous situation that would eventually lead to another, even more cataclysmic war.

A major re-evaluation of a misunderstood war, Ring of Steel is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the last century of European history.

Why- It’s a WW1 book!! Weeeee!!!


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