REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett

Title: Doctor Who: The Forever Trap
Author: Dan Abnett
Year of Publication: 2008
Genre: Media tie-in
Format: Audio book
Length: 2 hours and 23 min.
First Line: “Although she had made several voyages on board the TARDIS, Donna Noble was still surprised that travel through time and space involved so much wheezing, moaning, juttering and vibrating.”

Summary: Catherine Tate reads this thrilling story, in which the Doctor and Donna are imprisoned on the Edifice, a luxury apartment complex in space. Their new environs leave much to be desired: millions of beings from across the Universe have been gathered to live side by side in the apartments. Are the Doctor and Donna trapped forever in this living hell?

Review: I was worried that this audio book was going to suck, since ‘The Nemonite Invasion’ which is also narrated by Catherine Tate was just a complete failure in my eyes. But to my delight, this was utterly awesome. Catherine Tate did a fantastic job narrating, unlike the performance she gave in ‘The Nemonite Invasion’. The story is so Who-esque. All the characters are in characters (everyone assumes that the Doctor and Donna are “together”). The characters in the novel are memorable such as the old lady who lives down the hall from the Doctor and Donna and the elevator operator. The premise of the plot is something everyone in the day and age of the internet and email can appreciate: spam mail. It’s wonderful how the author took that simple annoying thing and made it into an amazing book. The ending was a bit “huh?” but I easily overlooked that by how awesome the rest of the novel was. This was a definite must-read (well, listen) Doctor-Donna novel.

Worst part: How they get rid of the monster of the week was a bit “what?”.

Best part: The plot is fantastic, and Catherine Tate does a great job narrating.

Grade: A

Recommend For: Who fans.

Other Books by This Author: Torchwood: Border Princes and Everyone Says Hello


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