Top Ten Blogging Confessions


10. New Look

I want to redesign the look of my blog, especially since my 1st blogiversary is coming up on August 3rd. But I am not sure what to do since I can’t do graphics.

9. To Schedule or Not to Schedule…

I’m not sure if this is a confession or not but I do schedule the majority of my posts. If I didn’t, a lot of my stuff wouldn’t get up on time! Btw, this one was written on the fly and not scheduled in case you were wondering.

8. Time Management

I think I some of the most awful time management skills. I get caught up in blogging and forget to do other stuff I am supposed to in rl or in fandom or put them off until the last minute… or vice versa… I get caught up in rl + fandom and put off blogging stuff until the last minute. *headdesk*

7. Reading

I don’t read everyday. I feel like I should be and I stare at my kindle and the books on my shelves. I have problems figuring out what to read next and what will catch my attention.

6. It took you how long to write that?

I don’t write a review right after reading. I just don’t. I need time to digest what I have read and think over my thoughts. But after that the problem become writing the damn thing and getting everything down so it doesn’t sound like shit.

5. Feedback Approval

I am trying to raise my Netgalley feedback approval ratio. I am not going to say what the # is… but I am doing the best I can to get it to the 80% that they want. And I have been doing a good job too. It’s been climbing.

4. Tags

I want to reorganize my tags on my blog. I wonder if they are even feasible to my readers. I’m not sure how to ask.

3. Always a Newb

My 1 year blogiversary is coming up on August 3rd, but I still feel like a newb to all of this. I am always learning new things and tricks from fellow bloggers. Maybe I’ll always feel this way?

2. No one knows yet

Besides my hubby, no one in my immediate circle of friends and family know I do this. I know! You’re giving me a look aren’t you? They all know I read all time but know nothing about this. I have been worried about telling them, well for about a year. I don’t know if I should, what they will think, will they judge me on what I read, will they bring it up every time I see them?


I love all of my followers. I think every blogger must. I just wish I had more. 🙂 I have around 100 people who follow my actual wp blog, but 3k followers on fb & over 1k followers on twitter. I just wish the numbers for my actual blog could bump up a little.

Bonus Confession #1: Twitter

I have a twitter acct for my blog but I am awful at updating it.

Bonus Confession #2: This is kind of my work/life.

Since I am a stay-at-home wife, blogging, reviewing, and editing/beta-reading is actually kind of what I do (which makes things a little more complicated since I haven’t told anyone besides hubby I do this!). It means the world to me. I am glad that I have met all of you. Thank you!

Wow, that was easier to write than I thought. Especially once I was around number 6 or so. And you got two bonus confessions!

What are your blogging confessions?

One thought on “Top Ten Blogging Confessions

  1. Congratulations! I Just reached my one-year anniversary too and you point out a lot of the same things I’ve experienced. I do tell a lot of people I have a blog, but I try not to talk about it too much, unless someone asks me.

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