REVIEW: King of Dublin by Lisa Henry & Heidi Belleau



Title: King of Dublin
Author: Lisa Henry & Heidi Belleau
Year of Publication: 2014
Genre: LGBT
Format: Ebook
Length: 375 pages
First Line: “Don’t move.”

Summary: Twenty years after a deadly pandemic ravaged the world, Darragh Fergus Anluan and the people of his village have carved out a hard but simple life in the Irish countryside. But with winter comes sickness, and Darragh must travel to Dublin in search of medicine. What he finds there is a ruined city ruled by a madman, where scavenging is punishable by death . . . or conscription.

Ciaran Daly came to Ireland with aid and optimism, but instead was enslaved by the so-called King of Dublin. After months of abuse from the king and his men, he has no reason to believe this newcomer will be any different. Except Ciaran finds himself increasingly drawn to Darragh, whose brutish looks mask how sweet and gentle he really is.

The tenderness Darragh feels for the king’s treasured pet is treason, but it’s hardly the only betrayal brewing in this rotten kingdom. Rebellions and rival gangs threaten the king’s power, but not nearly as much as Darragh and Ciaran—whose only hope for freedom is the fall of the king.

Review: I received a free uncorrected copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Despite being almost 400 pages long, I read KING OF DUBLIN in about a night, staying up until five in the morning to finish the book. This novel is dark and gritty and I needed to finish it fast. This book contains hardcore themes like sexual slavery, rape, dub-con, gang rape, humiliation, public sex, loss of virginity, death and graphic violence.

KING OF DUBLIN is set in a apocalyptic Ireland where there is little or no government to speak of. Darragh comes to Dublin to help aide his fellow villagers of Cork but finds that the former capital of Ireland is run by a mad criminal who calls himself the King of Dublin. To keep himself alive and with the promise of the medicine he needs, Darragh becomes one of the King’s loyal men, patrolling the borders and keeping the remaining Irish in fear and control of the King. Darragh meets Ciaran and they instantly have an attraction for each other. Only problem is that Ciaran is the King’s boy, his person sex slave. But getting close and falling in love can be dangerous under the watchful eye of the King.

The book is set up in two books. Why this is done except that one author did each section, I have no clue. It seems so unneeded. Especially since the story picked up from where it left off from book one and the POV didn’t change.

There is a lot of sex in this novel. A LOT. Most of it however, is dub-con or rape. Honestly there is like two or three consensual sex scenes in the entire book. If you are looking for a hot sexy m/m romance, sorry this really isn’t it.

Something I thought that is cool is the amount Irish and Gaelic slang there is. I had to look the majority of it up but it was really cool to learn.

The book itself seems clunky. The plot and character structure need work. I felt like I never, even at the end at the novel, got a hold of Darragh or Ciaran, especially Ciaran. I never felt a connection. However, if I had to pick a book boyfriend for KING OF DUBLIN, it would be Darragh. He hit a few of my buttons. I could enjoy him as a book boyfriend because of the relationship between Darragh and Ciaran. Yes, I do think the plot and characters need work, but still enjoyed it.

Worst part: Plot & character structure.

Best part: Darragh and Ciaran’s relationship

Grade: C

Recommend For: Fans of sexual slavery, dystopia and Ireland.

Other Books by This Author: The Island by Lisa Henry and Apple Polisher by Heidi Belleau



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