Wishlist Wednesday #22

Wishlist Wednesday

1236484_488892927874013_1473610460_nSummary: Riley O’Rourke is the werejaguar responsible for exposing the world of the Preternatural to the rest of Humanity. But not all the Preternaturals are happy about this new world order.

The Queen of the Winter Court, a cruel and vicious faerie, is determined to punish Riley for her role in the Night of Revelations, and sends some of the nastiest storybook creatures imaginable after her.

Salvation comes from the Summer Queen, who asks her to fetch a magic artifact that will determine the winner of the eternal war between the Courts in exchange for the Summer Court’s protection. If Riley can bring this artifact back, the Summer Court will extend its protection to Riley and her friends and family, keeping them safe from the icy touch of Winter.

Riley sets out on this quest, aided by her mentor, a 3,000-year-old vampire, and her lover, a federal law enforcement agent with a secret of his own.

But their successful completion of this quest has unexpected consequences that could doom the entire world’s very existence.

5 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #22

  1. This one sounds really interesting and different to a lot of the books I’ve been reading recently. I’ll have to check it out. I hope you get it soon! 🙂

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