REVIEW: Cabin Boys by William Cooper


Title: Cabin Boys
Author: William Cooper
Year of Publication: 2014
Genre: LGBT
Format: Ebook
Length: approx. 40 pages
First Line: “Elliot sent shivers through my body as he ran his tongue along my shaft.”

Summary: Aaron has been in love with his brother for years. Unfortunately for Aaron, those feelings haven’t been mutual. Elliot loves his brother, sure, but he’s not in love with Aaron. After a drunken night up at their parents’ cabin in the woods, could things finally be going Aaron’s way

Review: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

HUGE WARNING. This book contains incest. So if that really offends you, please turn around and click somewhere else. Don’t leave troll and nasty comments because of the subject matter.

CABIN BOYS is about two brothers, Aaron and Elliot. Aaron has been crushing on Elliot for years but Elliot doesn’t return his feelings (or does he). The brothers decide to have a weekend getaway up at their family’s cabin for some relaxation. When they get drunk, Elliot loosens up and is willing to have sex with Aaron. Really hot sex. But alas, once the weekend is over the pair go back to being just brothers. Elliot actually sets up Aaron on a date and Aaron has a positive outlook on life past loving his older brother.

The sex is hot. Really hot. You totally forget that it’s incest when they’re getting it on. The dialogue was, and I hate to say this word, organic. It was a casual back and forth between two people that was very real. That is something that is hard to capture but Cooper achieved it.

I am intrigued by the choice the author made to have the brothers not end up together in the end. It boggled me that it happened. In almost any incest fiction I have read in the past, the couple end up together. But in this, Elliot is ‘straight’ and sets up Aaron with one of his gay friends, who Aaron actually takes to. I think it’s a bold choice.

As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the dialogue. This seems to have come with price as it were. The two characters say ‘fuck’ a lot. I read this story on a PDF so I couldn’t keep count, but trust me, it’s a ton. I can understand because people curse a lot in real life, but it is also the author’s choice to tone it down or to use other colorful words besides ‘fuck’.

I would love to see more of Elliot and Aaron, even if they are not in bed screwing each other. It feels like there needs to be more to their story. Like they are not done. But only Mr. Cooper can answer that.

Worst part: Fuck.

Best part: Realistic dialogue

Grade: B

Recommend For: Open minded readers.

Other Books by This Author: Behind the Glory Hole and Brothers with Benefits


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