Blog Tour- The Lunangelique‏ Series by Kristin R. Campbell

YA Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 2012


For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion.

Sleeping Gods:

Alexis must pick up the broken pieces of her heart and pull herself together because she has a mission: To awaken the sleeping gods. When she is at the point of giving up, wearing her pretend smiles and feels like there is nothing left of herself, her friend becomes her savior. Patryck helps put Alexis back together again and in return Alexis sees him as something more than a friend…

Together with her brother, Alex, her father, Edmund, and a team of angels they make their way to Mount Latmos, to awaken the gods. But obstacles are in their way, one of them being Cole, the traitor, the one who shattered Alexis’ heart.

New friends and family she never thought she would meet will come to aid Alexis.

…And a love will blossom that will redefine the saying, “Love you forever.”

Awakened Gods:

Lexi has fulfilled her destiny and now the gods have awakened, but is that a good thing?

Now, Lexi lives in a world that is on a global collapse. The gods are angry that they have been forsaken and are seeking revenge on humanity. The oceans are in turmoil, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions and famine are causing global chaos, and the sun is being held hostage in an astrological phenomenal, never-ending solar eclipse by the avenging Helios.

Then, there is the problem of Zeus’ threat. Lexi must choose between giving herself to him or watching the “abominable” angels die by his hand. Not to mention, Hera, Zeus’ wife, is proposing her own jealous-driven proposition to Lexi: stay away from her husband or the angels and everyone dear to her will die. Lexi sees no way out of either predicaments and it puts a strain on her relationship with Cole. Will she lose him either way?

Excerpt from Sleeping Gods

“I’m going to be normal for once. Going to have a frickin’ latte in frickin’ Italy because that’s what normal people do here.” Normal. I’ve convinced myself that I am just a girl, on vacation, before college. There is me, my brother and my adopted parents. I need to call them by the way.
I walk up to the counter and order a drink. “Ciao. Vorreiun caffèlatte, per favore.”
“Quattro euros,” the cashier demands. I hand him the money and go to sit down by the window and watch the people walk by. When my drink is called I recieve it and then go back to people watching. I free my mind, only concentrating on the world passing by.
This feels good. This feels normal. I’m a girl, in Italy, enjoying a summer vacation. As was planned. A whole year has almost gone by since the craziness that is my life became my life. And to think, last summer I spent all my time trying to find out information on who my parents are and now this summer I know who they are and I’m still trying to find one of them.
Stop thinking about it!

Kristin R. Campbell
Author photo
Kristin R. Campbell currently lives in Utah with her husband and two children. She is prior military and has pursued Religion, History and Legal Studies before finally settling with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. She is a self-proclaimed workaholic, who also loves hiking, traveling, spoiling her babies and, of course, reading and writing.


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