REVIEW: Stinky Dinky by Shmulik Froimovich

Title: Stinky Dinky
Author: Shmulik Froimovich
Year of Publication: 2012
Genre: Childrens
Format: Ebook
Length: 19 pages
First Line: “Once upon a time there was a boy named Danny.”

Summary: Danny is a sweet boy, but nobody calls him Danny.
They all call him Stinky Dinky…

Why? …

This pre bath-time children’s story revolves the tale of Danny and his 2 unexpected visitors Mic and Mac…

Review: This was so awful. Danny was a boy who had literally never took a bath in his life. Even when his parents asked ‘nicely’ he still refused to and went to bed unclean. Great parenting skills, there. One night while Danny slept, two cockroaches lured by Danny’s smell climbed up onto his bed and began to lick his feet. Danny woke up because he could feel that someone was licking him and was scared to death that it was cockroaches and immediately learned the errors of his dirty ways and took a bath every day from then on.

 photo Shock-horror-gif1_zps3bc65280.gif

Do I have to elaborate on the plot?

The formatting for Kindle was downright terrible. The cover for the book wasn’t shown until the every end. A lot of the pages don’t have pictures, only words with lots of white space. There were editing and grammatical errors too.

Only thing that was enjoyable were the pictures. They were done fairly well.

Worst part: HUGE tie between the plot and the formatting/editing errors.

Best part: Illustrations

Grade: F

Recommend For: Parents who want to freak out their kid into taking a bath and possibly scar them for life

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