REVIEW: The 12 Days of Dennis by Jude Dunn


DSC05345Title: The 12 Days of Dennis
Author: Jude Dunn
Year of Publication: 2013
Genre: LGBT
Format: Ebook
Length: 75 pages
First Line: “Blustery wind whipped Martin McDonnell’s curly brown hair across his face as he answered the door of his home.”

Summary: When an unexpected package is delivered on December 14th, Martin is more than a little intrigued by the contents—especially as they’re from his boyfriend, Dennis, and come with instructions to wear them when they go to dinner with Dennis’ parents the following night.

And that’s only the beginning of Dennis’ suggestive gifts.

Review: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Dennis gives his boyfriend, Martin a present everyday (well, nearly everyday) in the spirit of the classic song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. Sweet and funny. Dennis gives the presents a modern spin like condoms and lace panties but there is one hilarious day where he decides to go traditional and gives Martin live geese. I say nearly ever day because days 8-12 are done in one night via Dennis hiring Martin’s favorite singer and a bunch of proactive men to perform the remaining days.

The characters, Dennis and Martin, didn’t seem to have proper personalities. I kept mixing them up on who liked what kinks and what they looked like in my head. It was a bit frustrating that they weren’t fleshed out. They didn’t seem to mold together as a couple either. It seemed to random that Dennis was filthy rich (he can afford to gift his boyfriend geese, his favorite singer and has a elevator and an indoor pool in his home) while Martin was most likely middle-class.

Simple things could have made the writing in this book better. Like in the last set of the 12 days of Christmas, Dennis gets his boyfriend’s favorite singer to perform the song. First time in the entire novel we heard of this singer. If Martin really did fawn over this woman, maybe a good use of foreshadowing would have been for Martin to mention at least that he was fanboy of his singer? Like maybe her new album dropped or something and he was hoping to get it for Christmas. Stuff like that could have made this story a little more enjoyable.

Side note, there’s a lot of crossdressing as a kink in this book so if that turns you off or squicks you than probably stay away.

Worst part: So unrealistic

Best part: But it was humorous

Grade: D

Recommend For: Anyone in the mood to read a fluffy gay Christmas story

Other Books by This Author: The Birdman of Saginaw and Closet Capers


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