REVIEW: A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden


Title: A Vampire’s Christmas Carol
Author: Cynthia Eden
Year of Publication: 2013
Genre: Paranormal
Format: Ebook
Length: 72 pages
First Line: “He’d always wondered what it would like to give in to the call of the darkness.”

Summary: This holiday season has bite.

Ben Prescott hates Christmas—he’s a vampire, and to him, there’s certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. While the humans are running around being merry, he’s hunting in the shadows. Ben plans to spend the holidays his way…by stalking deadly prey.

But fate has other plans for Ben.

Three visitors are coming Ben’s way…A demon who will force Ben to face his past, a ghost who will show Ben the present he could have, and a shifter who will reveal the darkness that waits in Ben’s future. Unless Ben can change his ways, he may just turn into a real monster, one who can’t be saved by anyone or anything.

’Tis the season…to be undead.

Ben’s redemption rests in the hands of the one woman he loved and lost—Simone Laurent. If Ben is going to have a chance at being more than just the beast in the darkness, he has to prove himself to the lovely Simone. A very hard task, considering that, once upon a Christmas Eve, Simone died in Ben’s arms…

Warning: This book features one very tortured vampire, a sexy ghost from his past, and hot scenes designed to melt the winter snow. Plenty of action, adult situations, and steamy times are ahead. Happy holidays!

Approximately 23,000 words

Review: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.


It was more like a vampire version of ‘A Wonderful Life’ than ‘A Christmas Carol’. Ben, the evil vampire basically seeing all the reasons why he should live and proclaiming at the end that he will be a good vampire, he will he will!

To make it more ‘A Wonderful Life’-y Ben’s girlfriend (ex-girlfriend who dies twice in two different ways? I was a bit confused on that one & by the way please correct me if I got that wrong) is actually, wait for it, an angel. Ben’s guardian angel in fact, who happened to fall in love with him. This seemed like a perfect excuse for the author to hash out some of her own personal fandom wants. Not that there is anything wrong with that in particular. It seemed so cliche and tropey to bring a vampire and an angel together as a couple. It was as if the author thought, what are two supernatural beings I like? Vampires and and angels. Okay then I’ll make a vampire and an angel a couple in my next novel. It was forced.

A VAMPIRE’S CHRISTMAS CAROL would have done better if it had been longer. We jump into the book mid-scene of Ben trying to murder a guy. In seventy-two short pages, the characters don’t take the time to develop and the audience is made to take things at face value. It’s a shame because if things had been reworked a bit I could find myself loving this book.

Two quick notes. Despite the length and genre, there is some violence and gore that even had me cringe. Also, look out for Whedonverse ‘powers-that-be’ reference early on. Which adds more to my theory that the author wrote a bit of a fandom fantasy fueled book.

Worst part: Fandom fantasty fueled…

Best part: The kid that is supposed to be the equivalent of Tiny Tim.

Grade: F

Recommend For: Supposed if you’re a fan of vampires & It’s A Wonderful Life

Other Books by This Author: Hotter After Midnight and Bound in Sin


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