REVIEW: What He Wants by Eden Cole

DSC04393Title: What He Wants
Author: Eden Cole
Year of Publication: 2011
Genre: LGBT
Format: Ebook
Length: around 16-19 pages
First Line: “Aaron strolled into his office like he always did and perched on the end of Matthew’s desk.”

Summary: Matthew’s girlfriend breaks up with him on a flimsy excuse, one he decides can’t be true. She’s sure he wants their mutual best friend Aaron and has for a long time. To further complicate the friendship that means everything to him, she’s putting ideas into Aaron’s head too. Now, the two men who are as close as brothers are alone together, awkward, and nervous about admitting to each other and themselves just how right Abbey is.

Review: Best ‘buds’ (take a shot every time ‘buds’ or ‘buddies’ is said’) Aaron and Matthew have known each other for fifteen years, and don’t realize that they have been madly in love with each other all this time. You know, because they are both straight and totally wouldn’t do another guy. After Abbey, Aaron’s girlfriend, who never physical makes an appearance in this story, gives them a nudge. Aaron and Matthew in the course of a day work out that they might feelings for each other, have some ‘let’s just try this once’ sex, and fall in love.

The sex is obviously the main point of the this short story. The rest of it seems wishy-washy. They have been best friends for fifteen years and never had an inclination that they liked each other until Aaron’s ex says they do? I would have bought it if the length of time had been shorter, but fifteen years is just too long. The characters are one-dimensional and just not developed. The writing is a bit all over the place. There are several times where I became confused on who was doing who because Cole using ‘he’ too much or because Aaron and Matthew tend to blend together as characters.

Overall, this short story is very meh. The only thing that is really good is the sex scene.

Worst part: That they admitted they were in love after they had mind-blowing ‘experimental’ sex. Urgh.

Best part: Maybe Matthew’s character, what there was of it. I liked his geekiness.

Grade: D

Recommend For: If you need a quick fix. :-p

Other Books by This Author: Welcome Home, Cowboy and Wanting Sam


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