Friday Favorites #4

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Book Lovers Life hosts a meme on Fridays to showcase our favorite books. Click on the banner to go to her blog.


Escaping from his North Carolina home after his father murders their family and commits suicide, Trevor McGee returns to confront the past, and finds himself haunted by the same demons that drove his father to insanity.

This is the only book that I own multiple copies of, besides my collection of antique Oz books. Think that says something.


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #4

    • I think I have three copies. Paperback, British edition (it’s under a different title) and a signed copy from the author (best Christmas present ever from my brother). Not too long ago the author had a first edition from his personal collection up for auction but I didn’t win it.

      Thanks for hosting this awesome meme. I love it.

  1. I have a few versions of my Harry Potter books-children and adult covers, audio books, hardbacks and paperbacks…and a few versions of Stephen King’s ‘IT’. I never did take to Poppy’s books though.

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