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Moonlight & LoveSongs
Moonlight & Love Songs
Book 2 in the Le Chat Rouge series
By Alyssa Linn Palmer
Genre: Gay Romance, M/M, Noir
Available in Trade Paperback (200 pages) and eBook
Paperback purchasers can receive a free eBook by emailing the author.
ISBN-13: 978-0992006525 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0992006532 (Kindle)
ISBN-13: 978-0992006549 (Smashwords)
Release Date: September 17, 2013


When Le Chat Rouge’s pianist, Benoît Grenier, meets the club’s new singer, his world is turned upside down. He’d given up ever finding someone to love. His hopes and dreams of a life beyond the club are revived, while his heart heals.

Daniel Marceau has come from Marseille, looking to escape bad decisions and worse memories. He never expected to fall in love, and when his past catches up with him it could ruin the only thing he’s ever found worth living for.

Daniel’s fears and his reluctance to ask Benoît for help could cost them everything they’ve worked so hard to create.

Praise for Moonlight & Love Songs:

“Gritty and romantic, Moonlight and Love Songs will steal your heart, sell it for drugs, and leave you with a song. It’s dark and sexy, an unflinching portrayal of two soul mates discovering in each other the foundation upon which all love depends—hope.” — Miranda Baker, author of the Come Again series

“They call Paris “The City of Light”, but Alyssa Linn Palmer reveals its darker side in Moonlight & Love Songs. She pulls no punches in this noir romance. Damaged people meet and fall in love, but some cravings are too powerful to resist, and sometimes love alone isn’t enough to quell them. Classic jazz tunes and French chansons provide the soundtrack to a story that hits you in the gut and in the heart. You’ll never see Paris the same way again.” — Cathy Pegau, author of Rulebreaker and Caught In Amber

Alyssa Linn PalmerAuthor Information

Alyssa Linn Palmer is a Canadian writer and freelance editor. She splits her time between a full-time day job, and her part-time loves, writing and editing. She is a member of the RWA, the Calgary RWA, and RRW (Rainbow Romance Writers). She has a passion for Paris and all things French, which is reflected in her writing. When she’s not writing lesbian romance, she’s creating the dark, morally flawed characters of the LE CHAT ROUGE series and indulging in her addictions to classic pulp fiction. You can find her online at, or on Twitter @alyslinn.

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If you buy the trade paperback of Moonlight & Love Songs, you can email her and she will send you an ebook in the format of your choice.

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First Line: “There was nothing sadder than an empty club.”

Review: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

I fell in love with MOONLIGHT & LOVE SONGS from the very first sentence. Palmer sets a mood of the unloved Jazz club scene in Paris, and of the great sexual tension between the pianist and the singer staring at each other from across the room as they perform for the crowd. It’s magical.

I think I like the characters the most. They suck you in and eat your soul. Benoit is so sweet and I love him. The love he and Daniel share is incredibly realistic.

This is not the author’s fault at all. It’s my fault for being a fan of the TV show ARCHER. Every time the main character Benoit’s name was said all I thought was:

 photo tumblr_lq6pksUUyl1qi7deco1_r1_400_zpsea73c0c2.gif

Damnit. Not the author’s fault. It’s the creator of ARCHER’s fault.

If you are a fan of Big Band music or general 20s-40s stuff you’ll be in for a treat. I was humming ‘Moonlight Serenade’ by Glenn Miller’ while I read this book. It has such a great vibe of jazz and noir despite being set in modern times.

This novel can be read as a standalone, despite being part in Palmer’s Le Chat Rouge (The Red Cat, love it!) verse. In fact, that was something I made sure of before accepting to read this book. I have never read the first book in the series and didn’t want to be completely lost. To my fellow readers who have not read THE PARIS GAME, you will be fine. There is like a couple mentions of stuff that happened in THE PARIS GAME but Palmer moves on from that quickly.

My issues about this book are few. There doesn’t seem to be much conflict for Daniel and Benoit. They overcome one obstacle, but after that the book ends. Usually stories should have multiple challenges the characters have to face to keep the book interesting. I would have liked to see the story continue to develop further. The novel ends very abruptly. I was completely expecting there to be more after it ended. It felt like the novel ended mid-action.

Palmer’s novel slightly less than 200 pages, the rest of it is a sneak peak of THE PARIS GAME. I engulfed MOONLIGHT & LOVE SONGS and I read it in about a day or day and a half. I’m a slow reader and when a book that captures my attention enough to have me finish it that quickly, I’m a happy camper.

MOONLIGHT & LOVE SONGS has whet my appetite for the Le Chat Rogue verse, and all other writing by Alyssa Linn Palmer. I look forward to reading more books by her in the future.

Worst part: Ended abruptly.

Best part: I loved Benoit… despite my issue with saying ‘Balls!’ every time after his name.

Grade: B / 4 Stars

Recommend For: People who like big band music and jazz (I totally had Glenn Miller’s ‘Moonlight Serenade’ stuck in my head while reading this) will appreciate this book more.

Other Books by This Author: The Paris Game (Le Chat Rogue #1) and Betting the Farm

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