REVIEW: Torchwood: Skypoint by Phil Ford – SPOILERS ALERT


3298385Title: Torchwood: SkyPoint
Author: Phil Ford
Year of Publication: 2008
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: Hardback
Length: 245 pages
First Line:Gwen Williams.”

Summary: “If you’re going tp be anyone in Cardiff, you’re going to be at SkyPoint!”

SkyPoint is the latest high-rise addition to the ever-developing Cardiff skyline. It’s the most high-tech, avant-garde apartment block in the city. And it’s where Rhys Williams is hoping to find a new home for himself and Gwen. Gwen’s more concerned by the money behind the tower block–Besnik Lucca, a name she knows from her days in uniform.

When Torchwood discover that residents have been going missing from the tower block, one of the team gets her dream assignment. Soon SkyPoint’s latest newly married tenants are moving in. And Toshiko Sato finally gets to make a home with Owen Harper.

Then something comes out of the wall…

 photo riversong_spoilers_zps9b5248ee.gif

Torchwood: SkyPoint had the distinct honor of being the only Torchwood novel Mr. Ford has had written and of being the last novel that featured main characters Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato.

As you see on the cover, Toshiko was huge. She covers 3/4 of the cover! It was really distracting to read this book with such a large Toshiko on the front cover. I’d be reading and then flip to the cover. Read some more and then flip to the cover. I think it was the biggest character I have seen on any of the Torchwood covers so far. I had no clue what they were trying to do with the background behind Tosh though. They had an opportunity and failed. The back cover however features a tall apartment building by the bay. So we can presume this is SkyPoint.

There were actually 30 chapters in this book. You wouldn’t believe it if you saw the slimness of the actual book. I did the math (yes I did math… with a calculator) and each chapter was about 8 pages long. Pretty short chapters for a book of this size.

This novel was basically a love letter to Owen and Tosh. A last novelization for them before the end of season 2. The majority of the book was either in Tosh or Owen’s POV. Don’t get me wrong, each member of the team had a POV chapter. But since Tosh and Owen ‘make their home’ at SkyPoint for the operation, they were the main focus of the novel. The book even ended with a sappy Owen/Tosh(ish) moment. The author in his acknowledgements mentioned both Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori who played Owen and Tosh respectively.

Phil Ford liked to throw canon in your face as if it was a pie, and than smash it so he made sure all the cream got in all your crevices. What I meant was, Mr. Ford ‘mentioned’ something canon, from the TV show in every chapter. Almost every five pages. He forced the same facts on you again and again. It was like he was trying to get these facts into your skull. If you had seen the TV show, you know this stuff. It really does not bare repetition on this scale. However, if you hadn’t seen the show or had seen little of it I can see where this would be useful. I thought it was cool at first but after a while…

Mr. Ford tried to ‘give’ an explanation as to why Gwen kept her maiden name. In fact, for a good part of the book she was referred to as Gwen Williams. But then for really no reason at all, she called up Rhys and said honey, I’m keeping my maiden name. Yeah.

I actually really liked this Torchwood novel. I thought Phil Ford did a great job. This book could be a little freaky if you are in the process of moving to a new place or have just moved into your new place. It was also has really dark themes about death; this was Torchwood and Owen.

Worst part: Perhaps the repetitive canon references. It was a love/hate thing.

Best part: Ode to Owen/Tosh. They got some love.

Grade: B

Reccomend For: I would recommend it to any Torchwood fan, but especially those new to the fandom who really don’t mind spoilers on every page.

Other Books by This Author: Sarah Jane Adventures: Day of the Clown and Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon

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