REVIEW: Torchwood: Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides

3232170Title: Torchwood: Pack Animals
Author: Peter Anghelides
Year of Publication: 2008
Genre: Media Tie-In
Format: Hardcover
Length: 250 pages
First Line: “Light filled Father Ninian’s church and lifted his soul.”

Summary: Shopping for wedding gifts with your fiance is enjoyable, unless like Gwen you witness a Weevil massacre in the shopping centre. A trip to the zoo is a great day out, until a date goes tragically wrong and Ianto is badly injured by stolen alien tech. And Halloween is a day of fun and frights, before unspeakable monsters invade the streets of Cardiff and it’s no longer a trick or a treat for the terrified population.

Torchwood can control small groups of scavengers, but now someone has given large numbers of predators a season ticket to Earth. Jack’s investigation is hampered when he finds he’s being investigated himself. Owen is convinced that it’s just one guy who’s toying with them. But will Torchwood find out before it’s too late that the game is horribly real, and the deck is stacked against them?

Review: ‘Torchwood: Pack Animals’ by Peter Anghelides was a real treat to read. I was surprised to find that this book was one of the better Torchwood novels.

Anghelides did a great job on the characterization with this book. All of the characters were dead-on and even allowed insight to them in a way you don’t get during the series. The author let you in and see the in-depth relationships between Rhys and Gwen and Jack and Ianto. Rhys played a much larger role in this book than he did in the regular series and this book was a Janto fangirl’s wet dream.

The only real problem I had with this book was the quick, unsatisfying ending with the monster-of-the-week. The book builds and builds and builds, but once you found out who was behind all of the madness the book just died.

Overall, ‘Pack Animals’ (and my God, take a shot every time the phrase ‘Pack Animals appears in the novel. You’ll get tipsy at least.) was very enjoyable.

By the way, if you have not seen or do not know what happens in the episodes ‘Reset’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ then I suggest that you NOT read this unless you enjoy spoilers. This book was clearly set after the events in those two episodes.

Worst part: The ending fell flat.

Best part: The characterization was amazing.

Grade: B

Recommend For: Janto (Jack/Ianto) fans! And Rhys fans as well.

Other Books by This Author: Doctor Who: Pest Control and Torchwood: Another Life.

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