Wishlist Wednesday #3

Wishlist Wednesday


Summary: Grayson Hall was a widely acclaimed New York Theatre actress, 1964 Academy Award nominee, and co-star of the 1960s-70s Gothic television serial, “Dark Shadows.” Here for the first time is a survey of her life and career which takes place in the world of New York writers and artists beginning in the early 1950s; a world that revolved around serious intellectual discourse, cocktails, cigarettes and theatre! Grayson’s own story is that of a hugely talented woman, admired by writers, producers, fellow actors, but who did not get the one role that would propel her into the stratosphere. Nevertheless, with the roles she did inhabit, she became an iconic figure.

This book reaches back to Grayson’s earliest stage appearances in 1942 as a teenager on Long Island; her extensive stage work in regional theatre and in New York City; her television and film appearances including three early New York art house films, the avant-garde French film “Qui etes-vous, You Polly Maggoo?” and her Oscar nominated turn in “The Night of the Iguana.” And for “Dark Shadows” followers, this book answers some lingering questions: who got hired on Shadows first, Grayson or her husband Sam? Was it always happiness and light on the “Dark Shadows” set? And did she really do much aside from “Shadows” or “Iguana?”

I want to read this one because Grayson Hall played Julia Hoffman on Dark Shadows (and if you have your head cocked and have no idea what Dark Shadows is… Go, go to Netflix right now and watch it on instant play. Yes, right now. I mean it. Why haven’t you stopped reading this and started watching Dark Shadows yet). Such a great part of my life (and still is). Would enjoy learning more about this great actress.

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