REVIEW: Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

121648Title: Five Little Pigs
Author: Agatha Christie
Year of Publication: 1942
Genre: Mystery
Format: Audio Book
Length: 6 hours and 40 minutes
First Line: "Hercule Poirot looked with interest and appreciation at the young woman who was being ushered into the room."

Summary: Amyas Crale was a celebrated painter… and an even more celebrated lover. His wife Caroline was as jealous as she was devoted. So naturally, she was convicted of Amyas’ murder. Now, 16 years later, their daughter presents Poirot with a challenge: find the fatal flaw in the case that will clear her mother’s name. Also published as Murder in Retrospect.

Review: This lesser known (and by lesser known I mean it’s now ‘Murder on the Orient Express, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, etc) of Christie’s Poirot novels was quite enjoyable.

In this intriguing plot, Poirot is given a sixteen year old already closed case to crack. He has five (haha, get it? five little pigs? Yeah, it’s not that funny…) suspects: Phillip who was Amays’ best friend and hated the convicted killer (Caroline), Meredith, Phillip’s brother who had a thing for Caroline and had a lab of poisonous plants, Elsa, who was having an affair with Amays and told Caroline the day before the murder that Amays intended to marry her, Angela, Caroline’s half-sister who didn’t like Amays because he wanted her to go to boarding school, and Cecila, Angela’s governess, perhaps bitter that her job was in jeopardy. Poirot suspects that one of these five people actually committed the crime!

Something I thought that was interesting was the doubt I had throughout the book that Caroline was innocent. Because each suspect is interviewed by Poirot and then gives Poirot their narrative of the day’s events and everything seemed to point to Caroline so much. And I wouldn’t have put it past Christie to have the convicted murderer actually be the killer.

This is also a quick read. Poirot gets the case, he interviews everyone, and he gets the narratives from everyone, and solves the case. There’s not that many twists and turns until the end. But it was still a lot of fun to read.

Worst part: Too quick.

Best part: Oh, you know I have to say Poirot!

Grade: B

Recommend For: I’d recommend this to Christie and Poirot fans of course! If you want to read another Poirot novel besides the classics, check out this one. Poirot at his best.

Other Books by This Author: The Mysterious Affair at Styles and Curtain

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