Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader Easier


Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader Easier

(In no order)

10) Amazon: Amazon did start out as an online bookstore before it became the giant it is today. You can buy thousands of books on their site at slashed prices and afterwards they will recommend to you similar buys. Amazon is also responsible for the Kindle, revolutionizing the way books are read.

9) Goodreads: Goodreads has just been amazing. I’m not sure where to start or how to elaborate. I mean you can add like every book you have ever read, organize your books with lists, get recommendations from other users, win books in giveaways… It’s just awesome.

8) E-readers: Amazing invention! Books are cheaper than their physical counterparts and even can be free! Free books? Sign me up!

I admit that I was very resistant e-readers. I was really against them. I thought they were the death of real books and that physical books were far superior. My husband found the picture below for me at one point. Believe credit goes to

Books 4 Lyfe

Maybe it was my husband’s tech geekiness and always wandering over to the Kindles when we entered a store or that my brother-in-law bought my brother a Kindle for Christmas one year that won me over. But I didn’t want one until there was an e-reader with minimal blinking/refreshing because every e-reader on the market at the time refreshed about every 1-2 pages and the constant blinking bothered my eyes. Then the Kindle Paperwhite came out. It refreshed about every 5-6 pages and it wasn’t as harsh as before. I was completely won over and my husband got it for me for my birthday. I’m pretty sure my Kindle has been by my side nearly everyday since then. It’s been a little over a year too.

7) Audiobooks: Audiobooks really don’t get the love they deserve. They are amazing. A lot of people (including my husband) say that you don’t read the book if you are listening to the audiobook. Well, pshaw on them! I am not going to prattle on about the countless studies that prove that audiobooks improve listening and vocabulary, blah blah. Not the point. In this blog, audiobooks count and are loved. I adore that I can read a book and multitask. I read ‘Roots’ while crocheting scarves and I can’t count the number of audiobooks I have listened to while playing Sims 3. My mom and I have bonded over listening to The Sweet Potato Queens series during car rides during my rebellious phase in my teen years and I will never forget that.

6) The Dictionary: Yeah, I admit it. I kind of suck at knowing… words. Every time I read a story I learn several new words (and then promptly forget about them lol). The built-in dictionary on my Kindle, dictionary websites or old-school taking out an incredibly heavy, hardcover, ancient and dusty dictionary (sorry elementary school flashback) to look up words that I don’t know. Apparently some habits they teach you in school don’t die.

5) Further Reading/Resource Lists: The history geek in me loves these. At the end of articles, books and documentaries check out the list of books that the author read or recommends. More books=love.

4) Movies: Surprised that movies is on this list? The majority of today’s movies (well the majority of movies in general really) are based on books. Usually in the opening or closing credits they (who is they?) will give credit to the book and its author. Then I am like, ‘damn I need to read the book’! Sometimes I find that I don’t find that it’s based off a book until I search for the movie on IMDb or on Wikipedia. There’s also the books made into movies category. If I haven’t read the book yet, and know that the book came first, most likely I won’t go and see the movie. Current examples include The Percy Jackson series and The Mortal Instruments series (by the way, thanks movie trailers for spoiling me. You suck). This can include TV show as well. Current example is Orange is the New Black.

3) Thrift Stores/Charities/Bookcrossing/Etc: Share your books! I got the habit from my mother of hoarding everything, books, DVDs, clothes, you name it. My husband (then boyfriend) as you could expect as someone who came from a kind of non-hoarding family was sick of it after a while. He convinced me that I didn’t need all of my crap. Alternatively, I figured out ways that I could deal with my hoarding ways. DVDs- don’t buy movies and TV shows I have never seen before (that’s saved me tons of money!) and store them all in cases. Clothes- Donate the ones I haven’t worn in a year or ones that don’t fit me anymore. Books- After I have read it, donate it. Get it out of the house. Most likely I am not going to reread that book again. It’s just going sit on my shelf, collecting dust, having no one enjoying it except for me knowing that I have a ton of books. So instead of just having my books not being read, I donate them to Goodwill (I do not donate to The Salvation Army because they of their stance on homosexuality) so someone else can read them. At first I did Bookcrossing, but as fun as that was I found it daunting. Donate your books. A favorite charity, your library, a thrift store, do Bookcrossing or even re-gift! Spread the love of books and share them. I’m not saying to pirate, just so I make myself clear. Just get your old, read books off your shelves and into another eager bookworm’s hands so you can make room for even more books. Find your Library

2) Library: The prime resource for all readers! Even though they are dying out and funding is being cut (in the US at least), please vist your local public library. So many books to begin. Just browse up and down the aisle and pick up a book. Ask a librarian for advice! Most of us most likely have fond memories of going to the library as children so let’s continue that tradition as adults and with our our kids.

1) Friends and Family: My mother was the one who instilled the love of reading in both me and my older brother. She made sure we read a variety of books and took us to the library every week. I truly admire her for this and hope to emulate this when I have children one day. My brother, perhaps practicing for his career in acting, loved to read me books, even when we were older when he about to go off to college. He read me things like ‘The Mists of Avalon’ by Marion Zimmer Bradley, ‘Lost Souls’ by Poppy Z Brite and many more. I also remember that during the summer of youth, we’d lay in the sun and listen to audiobooks. At one time by mother was working in a book store and because of that I found the Animorphs book series. I was able to get my friends to read these books and found a couple more who read them along the way. In high school me and my friends would trade books frequently. I was able to get my best friend to read ‘The Mists of Avalon’ and one of my other friends gifted me a copy that she found in a Catholic church sale. I read books like ‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ and ‘You Remind Me of You’ by Eireann Corrigan. My aunt was the final push I need to get me to read Nicholas Sparks as well.

That’s it! My first Top Ten Tuesday! How did I do?

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish

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